Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ridge Racer: Unbounded, My EuroGamer Lowlight

After experiencing the pleasant surprise of Anarchy Reigns at the Eurogamer Expo on Friday, I experienced my most disappointing lowlight of the event.

I absolutely loved the original Ridge Racer back on the Playstation, it was one of the two games I had bought for me with the console when it was released the other was Battle Arena Toshinden.

I spent hours playing both games, but Ridge Racer has a special place in my heart, I didn't have a memory card back then, and before my friends came over to play I would spend hours unlocking as many new cars as possible.

When I saw the Ridge Racer stand at the expo I had to fight back a little yelp of joy, it was here, could this new version of Ridge Racer recapture the joyful sessions of my younger days?

10 minutes later I had the answer... No, no it bloody well couldn't, this was not the Ridge Racer I knew and loved.. This was Ridge Racer meets Burnout.

And it left me with a sad bitter taste in my mouth. Don't get me wrong, it looked very pretty, but it seemed to focus more on destruction than racing.

All the racers had health bars, you could boost through a brick wall to reveal a shortcut, if this was called anything other than Ridge Racer I probably would of loved it.

But it is called Ridge Racer, and to me that name conjours up images of arcade style racing, drifting around corners, funky japanese music playing in the background.

I rarely get disappointed with games, I try and find some form of joy to be taken away from all experiences.. But 10 minutes was all it took for that to vanish.

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